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AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Vyopta, the global leader in digital collaboration and experience optimization, today announces the launch of Aviator, an innovative AI-assisted support system designed to empower customers. Aviator provides immediate, context-aware assistance, and leverages the collective knowledge of Vyopta’s customer knowledge base and Vyopta Community. This platform ensures that help is always at hand, guiding users towards rapid time-to-value and increased ROI.

(PRNewsfoto/Vyopta Inc)(PRNewsfoto/Vyopta Inc)
(PRNewsfoto/Vyopta Inc)

Aviator is seamlessly integrated within the Vyopta platform, offering real-time support to users by answering queries and providing solutions based on their current activities. This advanced AI service enhances the user experience throughout the customer journey from onboarding, to supporting changes in the customer’s collaboration environment through experiencing Vyopta’s latest advancements, ensuring every customer can maximize the value of their investment in Vyopta products.

Aviator stands as a steadfast assistant for all users, and it supports the following primary use cases:

  • Guiding New Customers: Simplifying the onboarding process

  • Expansion Support: Assisting during the addition of new infrastructure & devices

  • Product Utilization Enhancement: Offering expertise to extract maximum value from Vyopta, beneficial for both new and experienced users

  • Seamless Integration of New Technologies: Facilitating quick adaptation as organizations migrate between UCaaS platforms, an increasingly common scenario in today’s dynamic landscape

Before sharing Aviator with customers, Vyopta honed the AI service internally to enhance and scale customer service capabilities. By automating content updates and enriching the generative AI Large Learning Model (LLM) with Vyopta’s knowledge base, troubleshooting guides, and product documentation, Vyopta has significantly scaled its support efficiency. Aviator now stands ready to assist Vyopta users in configuring and troubleshooting, offering solutions instantaneously, thereby eliminating wait times for support.

« Early feedback from Vyopta customers who initially used Aviator has been overwhelmingly positive, » said Alfredo Ramirez, CEO of Vyopta. « AI initiatives like Aviator not only enhance customer experience and autonomy but also allow Vyopta Customer Services to deliver greater value when leveraging Vyopta for new projects. »

One capability that Vyopta expects customers to widely appreciate is the ability to enhance understanding of Vyopta’s data analytics, even for users with limited prior knowledge. Aviator can act as a smart glossary, providing quick definitions and clarifications on data terminology, making it an invaluable tool for users seeking deeper insights into their data.

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